Email Management

Email Management

Jesse’s IT Solutions has helped many companies apply professional email systems in their companies.

Jesse’s IT Solutions has been working ver closely to provide 2 clients this year with an professional email system for use. Let’s take a look further into this shall we?

Jesse’s IT Solutions prefers the workflow of G-Suites products which is why we recommend this system to our clients. It is very simple to use, and is one of the widest used email systems across the globe today.

Go With The Flow Plumbing

Jesse’s IT Solutions has setup and successfully managed G-Suites basic for go with the flow plumbing Ltd. this year. We have had very positive feedback in regards to this from employees that simply love the versatility provided by g-suites and has stated that it is very easy to manage employees, and get things done when it come to field work.

Upper Hutt City of Song

Jesse’s IT Solutions has partnered with a company in New Zealand named Tech Soup to provide the G-Suites for non-profits free of charge for all of their hard working volunteers, and we are very happy with the outcome, We have several people managing, overlooking all of the accounts at City of Song to ensure that there is limited troubleshooting involved for the users. And we are super proud of the result!

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